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From my point of view, Doctor of Laws, former dean of the Faculty of Law and the current rector of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU), Nikolai Mikhailovich Kropachev most flagrantly violated the norms of Russian and international law, and - the Great Charter of European universities.

My opinion is based on the failure of Mr Kropachev:

provide complete and accurate information 1. his income as head of the St. Petersburg State University, 2. on the amount of his remuneration as a member of the Supervisory Board of JSC VTB Bank from 2007 to present; 3. of his income from the use of the accounts of Bank "VTB" $ 5 million allocated by Gazprom for the creation of an atrium in the courtyard of the Faculty of Law in 2005. This information, which is already provided in the open access Russia's President, heads of federal law enforcement, regulatory and legal structures needed to determine financial priorities, financial dependence and questionable revenue Mr.Kropachev.

Carry out and give the public the results of our investigation into the legality of construction in the courtyard of St. Petersburg State University seven-story administrative and community center on the site of the building water supply substation, located directly on the territory of St. Petersburg State University - University Emb. Home ## 7-9-11, building 5. As soon as the decision of the district court, which was initiated by ordinary citizens, stop the apparent crime of senior officials.

After the publication of an attempt to capture the Palace of Culture raider Kirov explain the reasons for refusal refer to specialists in the fight against corruption and extremism and to law enforcement agencies to investigate the activities of his close aide of former Vice-Rector St. Petersburg State University, and now - the dean of political science at St. Petersburg State University professor, Ph.D. Stanislaus Germanovich Eremeev.

After the publication of a sharp drop in the quality of education at St. Petersburg State University to discuss ways to resolve the crisis in the pages of independent newspapers.

Discuss with the independent experts and representatives of NGOs causes of corruption in the higher education system and plans to combat it.

Discuss with university graduates - the veterans of sport - project of creating a university center of the fight as the nucleus of a University sports center and the legality of removing physical education beyond the compulsory program.

Contacting law enforcement and judicial structures in Russia, in my view, futile, as Nikolai Mikhailovich Kropachev positioned itself as a mentor to the former president, now chairman of the Federal Government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, as well as the closest adviser to acting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who, in accordance with the Constitution, is the guarantor, rights and freedoms of man and citizen (see paragraph 2 of Article 80 of the Constitution).

As evidence - a decree of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev N1098 on 6 September 2010 on the new composition of the Presidential Council for Science, Technology and Education, which appointed the current deputy chairman of the rector of St. Petersburg State University Nicholas Kropachev.

Such actions, in my view, lay a dirty stain on the reputation of 680 university presidents who signed the Magna Carta of European Universities, reduce the quality of education, encourage corruption in higher education are falling apart Russia as a legal social state, impair the health of students and teachers.

The time has come for an independent international investigation of the legality of Mr. Kropacheva and present its findings to me as well - a Russian independent media. Willing to provide documents and publications that confirm my point.

You can contact me by writing a letter to the address: 16 Line Basil Island, Building 17, kv.22, St. Petersburg, Russia 199178, please call +7-812-321-3405 or +7-911-278-0120, for e-mail mishatram@mail.ru.


Sincerely Michael Druzhininsky

February, 23,  2011







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